About Risk Management

Risk usually cannot be completely eliminated, and nor should it be.  To do so would waste money and effort.  Rather, risk should be recognized, understood and managed. The objective of risk management is to reduce risk to an acceptable level, given the constraints that affect you, such as cost, business imperatives and safety.
Australian and international risk management standards represent the benchmark for best practice. They outline a process for identifying and managing risk which can be applied in a wide range of “operational risk” areas such as security, OH&S, projects and business operations. 

Risk management should be applied early in the planning of projects or processes, then continually monitored and reviewed.  Risks should be managed across the organisation and at all levels.  Business continuity management and pandemic planning are an integral part of enterprise risk management and are themselves inextricably linked – you can’t have one without the other.

Effective security, emergency control and other operational risk management, business continuity management, pandemic planning and crisis management planning are each an essential part of good corporate management and governance. Many shareholders and regulators now expect recognized standards and good practice to be rigorously applied and the outputs documented formally.  


Hayes Risk Management provides high quality risk management services that draw upon and integrate our specialist expertise and experience in each of these areas to bring about robust organizational resilience for the client.