Pandemic Planning for Organizations - The Essential DVD Workshop

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·         Essential for almost every organization, large and small.



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 Why is the workshop important NOW?


We constantly live with the possibility of a severe pandemic.  A pandemic is not just a personal health issue or a government problem, it is a vital issue for organizations. 


The current global Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic is worsening and the need for organizational pandemic planning has never been more urgent. The Swine Flu virus has been relatively mild in the first pandemic wave, but so was the Spanish Flu virus which became highly virulent and caused massive death and disruption in 1918-19.


If the worsening Swine Flu pandemic does become severe, as feared, it will threaten almost every organization’s business continuity. If critical business functions cannot be maintained then business failure may be imminent.


Why should organizations be interested?


Every organization needs to develop and implement a comprehensive pandemic plan, in addition to their standard business continuity plan. They cannot have one without the other. This in-depth workshop shows them, in clear simple language, how to do this complex task.


Sound pandemic planning is vital for:  
  • protecting the health and welfare of staff
  • compliance with OHS obligations, and
  • continuity of essential business services. 

Indeed, pandemic planning is vital for ensuring the very survival of your organization in a severe pandemic. 


Organizations need to act quickly. There may be only a small and narrowing window of opportunity before the next pandemic wave.  


How does the workshop help you?


Pandemic Planning for Organizations - The Essential DVD Workshop is an in-depth 3 hour workshop package that aims to help you to achieve best practice pandemic planning in your organization. 


It provides you and your organization with the framework and knowledge that allows you to either:
  • develop, write and implement a pandemic plan yourself, or
  • create a detailed requirements specification for an external consultant.
What is the content and format?


The workshop package consists of a 3 DVD and 1 CD set which includes five key modules plus a comprehensive handbook.  The modules include:


1.      Pandemic fundamentals

2.      Essentials of best practice pandemic planning for organizations

3.      Implementing your pandemic plan

4.      Benchmarking your pandemic plan against best practice

5.      Lessons for the way forward.


Whilst the three hour workshop video is self-explanatory, the 130 page handbook accompanying the DVDs provides much further detail to assist you in developing and implementing your pandemic plan and arrangements.  This handbook is in Word 97-2003 and bookmarked PDF format on the CD, which also contains the workshop PowerPoint slides in PowerPoint 97-2003 and PDF format.


What are the expected learning outcomes?


The learning content facilitates increased knowledge about:

  • how to develop and write a pandemic plan
  • essentials of best practice pandemic planning and preparations
  • how your pandemic plan should relate to your broader business continuity management plans
  • how to implement your pandemic plan and preparations in practice
  • practical issues and challenges in implementation
  • how to benchmark your pandemic planning against best practice
  •  in short, how to minimise the potential impact of a severe pandemic on your organization.

Who is the intended audience?


The workshop is intended for individuals and teams, including:

  • senior managers responsible for pandemic planning, business continuity or risk management
  • business continuity and risk professionals
  • occupational health and safety professionals
  • emergency response and crisis managers
  •  information technology disaster recovery managers
  • audit and compliance professionals.

How is this workshop different?


This in-depth content-rich technical workshop is different to other available pandemic training which focuses simply on workplace health and hygiene. This workshop is about minimizing organizational impact and ensuring business survival in a severe pandemic. 


Who presents the workshop?


 Pandemic Planning for Organizations - The Essential DVD Workshop is written and presented by Bob Hayes - one of Australia’s leading experts in organizational pandemic planning and business continuity management.  It has been produced in association with FutureMedia Pty Ltd.   


How can you use the workshop?


The workshop presents a range of opportunities for organizations. If the pandemic worsens quickly, it facilitates a rapid response by clearly outlining the essentials.  If, however, there is time to prepare for the inevitable next wave, the workshop allows a well considered and comprehensive response. 

Is your investment cost-effective?


The workshop is highly cost-effective - less than 1-2 days’ typical specialist consulting fees and a fraction of the cost of an in-house live workshop. Much more importantly, however, potential financial losses from a failure to properly plan for a pandemic are likely to be incalculably greater, even for one day. 

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